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James Sweeney

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Kittery, Maine, US

I'm in need of models, and I was wondering what other photographers do , besides Casting calls on MM, to book models for TFP shoots.


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Abbitt Photography

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Des Moines, Iowa, US

Besides placing casting calls on MM myself, I've answered casting calls placed by models, I've cold contacted models on here directly (verifying they've been online at least in the last month) and I've placed castings on craigslist.

Craigslist has probably been my best source for TF art.  For models that have a it more of a commercial look, I've preferred cold contacting models here.  I know some photographers use facebook.

When I started, I always paid, feeling I needed to have a reasonable portfolio to attract models for TF.

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

We have a local fb group for models, photographers, mua, etc. I sometimes post a casting on it. Or I just put a casting call on my personal fb page.

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Salem, Oregon, US

CL. omp. Zivity. one model sold me my cellphone at costco.

for mayhem has been more successful when i can pay. the traveling nude models are awesome.

check out the local groups

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Image Works Photography

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Orlando, Florida, US

Like Dan said- look into FB- I joined a group there which does model shoots. I managed to book shoots with some there. Besides that try to be more specific on castings and do themes that attract. Its a mixed bag but it does work.

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Images by MR

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I just send them a PM asking to set up a TF shooting.

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