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I tend to be all over the place and I tend to create different mood and props depending on the model caracteristics. So when a model
comes, most of the time, she has no idea of what will happen to her.

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Amul La La

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IMO, many people say get known for doing one style, I guess it's mainly to do with honing in on my particular style so people get acquainted to you're work, but then again what if you do lots of different styles, and that's you're style > doing different styles, it may take a little longer but I'm sure people will equally become accustomed to it over time/

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Orca Bay Images

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I disagree that you're all over the place. IMO, you have two modes:
- heavily-processed high art that won't benefit a model's portfolio
- moderately-processed portraits that may be more helpful to a model's port.

I say that in a fairly value-neutral sense. You have a fascinating style, but it's up to you to decide if you want to stick with that style or if you want to diversify.

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