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San Clemente, California, US

Just looking for some constructive criticism. Will return the favor...

New work on my website:

And also the first 3 images in my port if you'd rather not go to my website.

Thank you!!

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Anna Adrielle

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hi there,

it's not really a fashion editorial when you only have a handful of pics in 2 outfits (I also checked out your website)

these are shot from too far to really qualify as well
really like the pose of the model though, would it be possible to crop this tighter?
this one is a bit of a weird combo between a candid shot, a commercial shot and an attempt at fashion
I think this one is the best smile. I like the styling too.

so overall, I'd say nice try, the shots aren't bad, but it's not a fashion editorial.

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Well the last time I checked this was a modeling web site, but the model in this image only occupied less then 10% of the photo, and appears quite centered right to left
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Interesting background, colorful balloons, but the model lacks energy she should be running, smiling holding the balloons in the air
Move away from the wall, the background should only be a supporting element
You are not telling a story with this image
Model is again quite centered

No return critique required or desired

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Hi Anna! Thanks for your feedback!

I don't know if you wanted return critique or not, but....

this photo is a greatttt pose for you. you look great and there's a lot of emotion conveyed in your body and your face, which works to dramatize the shot. Awesome job.

skin and hair is really pretty here but your pose makes it look like you are about to throw up or something! perhaps it would be better with the head tilted up more.

Overall beautiful port though!

Thanks again,

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Thank you Lee for your feedback!

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Guss W

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The mood, the environmental atmosphere, the artsy Photoshop touches... I think if you are not already well-established, you are on your way.  It was refreshing and inspirational to view your fashion portfolio.  I don't think the Music section was up to the same standards, though, so you might want to drop it until there is more to go in there.

No reciprocity is needed unless you want to take the time.

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