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LizAnneKurtz wrote:
Is this a scam... I'm pretty sure it is lol

Yes, it is a scam, in fact, it is a classic scam.

If this message was sent to you by an MM account, report it to the moderators.

At the bottom left of the message, there should be a link that says "flag this PM/sender"... use that and report it.

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Nicolas Alejandro

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        How are you doing. Thanks for your response and interest as
regards the photo shoot. The pictures will be used for the center page
and the back cover of the MANHATTAN FASHION MAGAZINE. The website is
( Presently the company need models
to be used for the center page and back cover of the next edition of
her magazine and the audition will hold across every state in the US.

        Subsequently, depending on your performances overall, you
could be invited over to the headquarter to sign a professional
contract with the company. The location of the shoot will be somewhere
within your state and it would be revealed in 2 days time.

        You will be receiving $400 which is meant to cover your
transport fare (flight, train or road) couple with your wardrobe
stylists' funds which will be sent directly to your address in the
form of certified check. We've got various sponsors across the country
that are willing to cover the whole photo shoot expenses. You should
be expecting the check payment within the next couple of days
depending on how soon we have fair reply from the sponsors. Each
participating models would be earning $1,000 cash immediately after
the shoot. After payment has been received and sorted out, the photos
will be taken and will be sent over to the headquarters for proper

       There are assigned wardrobe stylist, hairstylists and makeup
artist that will also be coming over for the shoot and shall be making
provisions for the outfits and other necessary wardrobe items that
will be used during the shoot so you don't have to bring anything
along with you to the shoot location. Guess the arrangement is
perfectly understood. In order for payment to be mailed to you,
provide me with your info as requested below so that the check payment
can be processed and mailed to you...

Moreover, there will be no nudity or implied nudity involved.

FULL MAILING ADDRESS (including apt #) :

       I'll keep you posted with the date, time and location of the
shoot as soon as the company meets with the sponsors by tomorrow or
next tomorrow. Keep me posted with your info ASAP.

Warmest Regards,

Robert Whelan

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Southern Stills

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Michael McGowan

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Yes, all these listed in this are scams. Once you get past the initial info, they do one of several things. They either want your bank account number for direct deposit, want you to cash a check for more than your pay and forward the rest to someplace else ... or they're in the human trafficking business.

None of those options is any good whatsoever. Report anything akin to the ones listed that comes to you on here to the mods.

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I have worked in the past with Manhattan Fashion Magazine. The company is legitimate, you can actually find their contact information at There are scammers on this website who are using company's name, sending spam, etc.

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Rays Fine Art

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Kent Art Photography wrote:
Maybe if MM shot a few gatekeepers every time one of these scammers got an MM profile then perhaps there'd be fewer scammers on MM.

Not a Gatekeeper, but may I point out the near impossibility of telling in advance whether or not a particular application is legit?  In most cases it isn't until a member is contacted with a scamming message that anyone can tell that they are scammers.  The same is true with the occasional model's profile that turns out to be a "manager" (read sluggo).  Many a perfectly fine profile has been changed after approval to indicate an availability for "escort" services, etc.

We can all help the Gatekeepers by keeping our eyes out for scamming messages or profiles that clearly are not within MM's guidelines and when we spot them or receive a message that sounds like a scam or any other improper activity, immediately clicking on "help" in the upper right corner of the screen, then clicking on "Contact-a-Moderator" and reporting the matter.   Even faster is clicking on the "Flag this PM/Sender" link at the bottom left corner of every PM.  I do this every time I encounter a questionable situation and I can say from my experience that the Moderators are both quick and discrete in their
review and resolution of the issue.

If the OP or any of the other respondents in this thread received what appears to be a spamming message from a MM member, I would urge them to forward the message to the moderators.  Even if the message has been deleted, it can be recovered by going to "My Stuff" and browsing the "Trash" and "Spam" folders there.

It's faster, easier and far more effective than trashing the Gatekeepers in the forums.

All IMHO as always, of course.

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Mark Salo

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LizAnneKurtz wrote:
You've been chosen out of the screening exercise performed by modelmayhem for us

Model mayhem does not perform screening exercises.

This really tickled me:

LizAnneKurtz wrote:
No hairy armpits.

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Rays Fine Art

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Fotopia wrote:
They are offering a shoot for "Manhattan Fashion Magazine" to a model in New Jersey since Manhattan no longer has any fashion models.

While I agree that this specific message is a scam, that doesn't mean that all inquiries from photographers from places outside the model's location are scams.  In this case, Wayne is actually a close-in suburb of NYC, about 20-25 miles from midtown Manhattan.

When I browse for models I use a 50-mile radius, roughly comparable to a photographer in Atlanta contacting models in, let's say,  Gadsden, Macon or Athens.  Given travel patterns and population densities, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Atlanta photographers and models get together with colleagues from Chattanooga, Birmingham, Montgomery or Augusta fairly regularly.

All IMHO as always, of course.

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Kent Art Photography wrote:
Maybe if MM shot a few gatekeepers every time one of these scammers got an MM profile then perhaps there'd be fewer scammers on MM.

Maybe if MM booted a few of the notorious trolls, the forums would be a more friendly and welcoming place for those simply looking for information.

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GER Photography

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Hahahahahaha!! Those bastards always offer fame or recognition!!!:-))))))))

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