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Distorted Lens Photo

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What is the average amount of photos given to the model when doing TFP?

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i think it depends on the shoot, how much i like the model, how many interesting photos we did, but i usually give them about 10 retouched photos...

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Distorted Lens Photo

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Kennewick, Washington, US

OK Thanks smile I wasn't sure. We shot for about 2 hours last night, she did about 4 different outfits and we change backgrounds a couple times, alot of them seemed to look like the same pose over and over so I didnt get a lot of unique shots really

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I have them pick out 5 - 10, depending o the shoot, pictures that I then have edited.  It all depends on the llama and the shoot.

I wish you All the Best!

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Good Egg Productions

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How many looks did we shoot?

I've given as few as one, as many as 20.

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Distorted Lens Photo

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Thanks everyone smile

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Bravo Magic Images

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Some photographers give out to many or all and that is not what the model needs or may want. Give out about 5 to 10 of your best work full body shoots head shoots half body shoots and nice poses and you cant go wrong.

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Best bet is to talk to the model and reach an agreement that seems fair to both of you.  Some will want one or two retouched, some will want everything for study, some will even want to retouch their own (and some will be qualified retouchers in their own right).  No point in giving more than the model wants and it's really not a good idea to get a reputation for being stingy.

All IMHO, as always.

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i try to give at least 2 per hour. sometimes i give them a session CD and they post those on fbook.

i've never had a model ask in advance about what they will get. a few bring it up at the shoot.

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Thomas Art Studio

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So far I have done the same set up as my session work provides proofs, I just provide the digital images to the model on a CD rather than pushing the print sales like I do with a regular session.

Here is the break down

Mini Session(10-15 minutes) 2

Full Session (1 hour) 5-7

Deluxe (2 hours) 10-15

Super Deluxe (3 hours) 15-20

Though most of my TF sessions are likely to be full sessions or longer

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