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Matt and Paulette

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Palmer, Massachusetts, US

I work for a chain of portrait studios in New England. Over the past couple years we've switched from Photogenic to Alien Bee, and now have around 30 Photogenic 1250 strobes we aren't using we'd like to sell.
They retail for around $500 each. I've got them in a variety of conditions, from pretty good to not working at all. I'm happy to sell them individually or in bunches.
I don't know what the value is of the ones that aren't working. Maybe someone knows how to repair strobes and wants to put the time into fixing them? I thought I'd post something here before trying e-bay. I don't have a price in mind. Best offer.

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Do you have them separated into groups by condition, or is it a crap shoot as to what you get when purchased?

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