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This picture is from one of my most recent shoots, what do you guys think in terms of the pose, styling etc? And also the post work? I'd appreciate any thoughts you have to share smile

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Veit Photo

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It looks like a pretty decent production.
I like everything apart from your expression.

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Coyote Creations NW

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Hair and makeup fit the genre well.  From a photography standpoint, it is a well lit and processed photo.  I love the pinup genre.  With a good model, the shot exudes sexiness but let's the model seem innocent of her effect on the viewer.  Hard to pull off, but the pose is the secret.  Often really emphasizes bottoms and boobs.

Overall I like your photo, but I think you can do even better.

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killer pinups

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I find bland and boring. Nothing makes it stand out from any other playing card pinup type shot.

The pose lacks interest, try accentuating your hips a lot more to give you some curves, try being more animated.
The dress seems a bit long and looks a bit frumpy to me.

When I think of pinup I think of fun and sexy almost risque type appeal, this does not have any of that.

Hope that helps.

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Alixx Rose

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it looks like you were trying to do the thing where you bend one knee in front of the other.. but maybe your dress was too tight and you stopped halfway through?

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