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Graffiti Warehouse 80's FASHION Meet n' Greet Party!!

SUNDAY, January 13th, 2013
12pm to 6pm

** Attention: This meet n' greet will be held on the 2nd SUNDAY in January to accommodate more photographers requests. **

Visit the Facebook event page at:

Become a member of the Graffiti Warehouse Meetup group: … treet-Art/

Check out the great review of our November 2011 event: … more-style

Get ready to show off all your sexy, saucy 80's outfits!

What: Meet n’ Greet - SHOOT, MODEL, PARTY, and NETWORK all day long!

Photographers: This is a great opportunity because you pay $20 and you can shoot as much as you like from 12pm to 6pm.
You are not required to arrange a private shoot with a model in advance.

Where: Graffiti Warehouse
128 W. North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201

Attire: tight - fitted bandage dresses, torn fishnets, bright - colored legwarmers, or ANYTHING YOU FEEL COMFORTABLE WEARING.
If you have a great costume that has nothing to do with the theme, bring it!

Admission: $20 for female models/MUA’s/stylists
$20 for male models/MUA's/stylists
$20 for photographers/escorts/guests

Pay at the door (cash only) or in advance via PayPal

PayPal Admission: Specify “1/13 Meet n’ Greet” in the notes area so we know what you are paying for.

No solicitating allowed.

Anyone who is under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to enter the warehouse. Children under 5 are not allowed.

If you would like some privacy...
Studio #3 will be available for private shoots during the event. Studio #3 has beautiful natural lighting during the day.

Studio #3 can be reserved in 1/2 hour increments with the first reservation beginning at 12pm and the last reservation beginning at 5:30pm. This studio can be reserved for $20 per 1/2 hour.

Please contact for more details on how to reserve a time slot and make your payment.

Studio #3 - Availability - Party Name
Noon - OPEN - ...
12:30 - OPEN - ...
1 PM - OPEN - ...
1:30 - OPEN - ...
2 PM - OPEN - ...
2:30 - OPEN - ...
3 PM - OPEN - ...
3:30 - OPEN - ...
4 PM - OPEN - ...
4:30 - OPEN - ...
5 PM - OPEN - ...
5:30 - OPEN - ...

For more info, check out:


Invite all your model and photographer friends smile

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I will be there can't wait to attend!!!!

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