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I was contacted by a French publisher wishing to reprint a book I shot the cover for. The book was printed by a U.S. publisher and has had 2 other books following the series. I shot those cover images as well. The French publisher is just looking for usage rights to reprint the first book cover.

My first question to those who have done this, "Would you change the price structure any different than the price structure for the U.S. market?"

I have already asked for the print run size and if the book will be soft or hard cover.

I have also consulted fotoQuote Pro6.

Some have suggested to me to do a 75% cost of the original usage right fee for the reprint in another language. I am curious as to how others price and by what methods.

The second question is "How do you price for the electronic usage rights?"

I know this is all subjective. Especially with print run and time. I want to know if that is how you soley base price or do you ballpark with percentages or have another formula.

Thanks in advance.

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