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Raquel Rayne

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New York, New York, US to you (photographers) get them done?  As I don't have a half-decent printer I can't make my own prints. For New yorkers, any recommendations for places that do excellent printing services? Or for everyone in general, online printing services?

I am looking to sell prints, and of course want them to be quality. It is easy enough to do a Google search, but honestly one can never tell until you actually have prints done. I have always had such so-so luck with the results I get back.

EDIT: should have mentioned, selling my OWN work. I am a photographer.

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Marc Damon

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Biloxi, Mississippi, US

Blue Cube Imaging can handle anything you need.

Before you start selling prints make sure you have a valid usage license from the copyright owner. smile

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Laurence Moan

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Huntington Beach, California, US

Yeah what Marc said about Bluecube.
Top quality. Great prices. Awesome service.

Message Brent. He'll even give advice on what papers would complement your images if you like.

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Detroit, Michigan, US

My boyfriend DVS and I use MPix. Nice prints, nice prices, and the shipping is always really fast. ^_^

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A R P - Modelographer

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New York, New York, US

Selling my own photographic prints so there is no issue with copyrights. Thank you guys, I have ordered from him before and have been happy.

I would still love to know if there are any print shops here in NYC that I can actually physically go to. Well, I'm sure there are, but recommendations?

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