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I'd love any tips on how to improve my posing, things I need to work on, or anything in my port that hurts more than it helps. Thanks!

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Alixx Rose wrote:
...any tips on how to improve my posing...

first and foremost work with a photographer who knows how to direct... seriously

do you have a full length mirror?  it's a model's best friend albeit learn to look away from the lens at a 30 degree angle during a fashion session... they are about the ensemble, avoid eye contact with the lens for fashion...

there is no better way than to start tearing pages out of VOGUE, ELLE etc. and practice the poses till you own them in the mirror... how do you know if you own the pose?  by being able to move into it with your eyes closed... repeatedly...

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I think it's helpful that you are specific regarding what you will and won't do regarding your dreads and tats, and that you specified the type of shoots your're interested in doing. Love that you are a fire spinner!

Nice smile! (maybe a good pic to use instead for your avatar?? depending on what you want someone to see at a glance, you look younger in this one than in your current avatar in my opinion)

I think confidence is great but watch for self-flattery, first example is in the end of the first sentence "I am a delight."

Your photos show some versatility of styles/looks, some shots have certain points that could be better and if there is more than one in a series, there are a few you could do away with.

As evidenced by others who expressed opposite opinions from mine in commemts on your photos, not everyone agrees on these points, but some examples are:

I like your ink here but don't love the hand on the head

I don't dig the poses in these either

snapshottey, not as flattering because of shadows and though setting idea might be natural comfy, you have better ones

But you have some cool attributes and I look forward to see more of the interesting stuff you wind up doing, ink-sista! smile

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