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Hello everyone,

I've recently began modelling as a hobby, primarily to get a different feel for the photography scene in my city (my partner is a photographer, I'm a body painter). I've also been told for most of my life by family, friends and strangers that I am "pretty," however, like lots of other girls, I've had major self-image problems and never really believed them! Modelling has been a way for me to see what I look like to other people, and has been, in part, a confidence booster.

What I want to know now is what others think of my modelling work so far. I have gotten a different feel for the photography scene, and, as I said, I've received this unexpected confidence boost. Should I continue to model, though? Am I "good enough"? Others have mentioned my figure to be problematic, as well as my apparent lack of facial expression. What do you think? If I did continue to model, what direction would you suggest I go in?

I appreciate all thoughts and comments. Thank you!

- Emily

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Jean Renard Photography

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Do not get into this business to gain confidence it will shatter you.

This is about marketing a product (you).  That product is in 99% of the cases anchored in specific body proportions coupled with ability and packaging.  Being "pretty" has almost nothing to do with anything.  Every successful model is "pretty" so are a lot of unsuccessful ones too.

You portfolio is too weak to be a working tool.  If you want to work the Alt market look at someone like MOSH to see how it is done.

If you want a hobby then work with folks that will appreciate you, but do not expect more than just a few laughs.

The decision in our business is always to go pro or go home and to do that quickly.  Age is not your friend in our crazy industry.

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You're tall, pretty, with a nice natural curvy figure, good mouth and great hair and you're open to shooting nudes, so the obvious answer from most respondents will be a resounding "YES!" smile

Personally, I feel that you need to work on your posing and your facial expressions - try to relax more and have more fun while in front of the camera - and possibly hit the gym a bit (more) to tone up a little for the nude work.

I don't think you need to lose weight per-se (unless you're hoping to break into agency level catwalk modelling, for which you're probably about 6 years too old anyway!) but a little extra tone and definition to your curves will increase your confidence and make it easier for photographers to get flattering results, especially when shooting nudes.

Oh, and of course, work with better photographers!

Just my $0.02


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M Pandolfo Photography

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You're very attractive and I certainly could see a niche for you.

However, when viewing your images I thought I had been transported to an Interpol database depicting White Slavery victims. You don't just look uncomfortable, you look like you're being held captive by Ukranian mobsters.

Relax......and work with quality photographers who will contribute to your comfort level.

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Work on your mouth, needs relaxing

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Laura Elizabeth Photo

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You have good potential and are pretty but I agree with everyone else about your expressions.  Closed lips often make people tense in photos for some reason.  That being said perhaps you need to work with a photographer who gives you more direction about posing, which can help new models get the hang of it.  This results in better pictures, which helps you work with better people ect ect.

Also DO NOT strive to seriously get into modeling to boost your self confidence if you already have self esteem issues, or at least be very careful about it.  It can be a great thing to see a beautiful image of yourself now and then but I know models that have become agency represented and now stress about every little thing wrong with them when it didn't even cross their minds before.  I would suggest that if you're unsure and self conscious now to only take it as a hobby, trying to push too far into the modeling world sometimes ends in it pushing back unfortunately.

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