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Jeffrey Feng

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Hi all, just joined MM on Christmas Day (what a lovely present to be accepted!) I would love some feedback on my Portfolio and how to improve my pictures.

Keep those comments coming! smile
Merry Xmas!


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Norwich, Connecticut, US

In my humble opinion...
I noticed with your outdoor shots there's a lot of "dirty light" behind your subjects. Try shooting on an overcast day or closer to sunrise/sunset. Just my $0.02. smile Otherwise, very nice work!

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Makeup Artist


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Washington, District of Columbia, US

Jeffrey Feng wrote: Portfolio and how to improve my pictures.


Jeffrey you visual statement is intriguing... stellar that you have a healthy balance between male/female talent... this diversity works greatly in your favor for fashion...

That said, have you considered using fill flash on subjects with dynamic motion?  if carefully balanced with daylight it allows for you to more effectively bring the subject talent forward to the viewer's eye... by emphasizing both sharpness and brightness... example using just a touch of balanced TTL on camera fill flash, less is more in these scenarios...

In your enchanting narrative below the talent simply isn't razor sharp nor of an illumination value to command dominance in this charming vision...

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