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I have a $50 gift card to Macy's makeup counters. I'm starting to get into makeup work (er, well... I do my own as a model). Here's the question:

What can I buy for my kit with $50? I know I can't buy a whole lot of products but I'd love suggestions of a few favorite staples you use!

What products are absolutely fantastic (lips, blush, eye shadow, brows?)

Right now I use Bobbi Brown foundation (which I adore!) and Maybelline mascara. Those are really the only two staples I just can't do without.


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S de Varax

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maybe an eyeshadow palette- UD naked 1 or 2 for around 50 dollars. (or is it 39 in america?)
or you could splurge- guerlain g extrait lipstick or ysl pur couture glossy stain- absolutely stunning.
a good concealer? try bobbi brown or laura mercier.
blusher? although I think the sleek 3 in 1 blush palettes are so much more value for money with formula on par with nars, but not sure if they're available at macy's.

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Kristie MacLean

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If you don't have as many eyeshadows, I would recommend looking at whatever holiday palettes they still have. You can usually find some really nice ones from MAC, Bobbi Brown, etc.. Just make sure not to get one of those no-name brand palettes with a million eyeshadows in them. Those tend to be cheap, poor quality Chinese made palettes and then stores jack-up the price.

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Makeup Artist

MP Make-up Artistry

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I'd buy a nice brush and a maybe a fun eyeshadow compact, might be able to get a good deal on a box set, or a bush roll set..

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