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So I am extremely inspired by alt models such as Mosh, and I would like to take riskier photos more on the edge of fetish. I need to add intrigue as well as interesting poses. I need to do something with my hair, currently it is a blank slate of short brown hair. I feel as though picking my hair will jet set my "style" that I am trying to portray. I have a lot of people telling me to get extensions (which I plan on anyways) only about 14" long. But they want me to dye it in a pastel color, which I feel puts me into "scene" or "hipster" and can frankly, come out tacky. I would like to keep my short bettie bangs, and keeps the hair only slightly past my shoulders. But what color? dark? light? I need advice!

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L Bass

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I can't really give much credible advice on hair since I'm merely a lowly photographer, however I have worked with Mosh a couple of times and may have a shot or two that would inspire you.

Your port is rockin' and I wish you the best in your modeling career wink Lee

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Can I see a photo of your hair now?

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honestly, I dont have one, Ive been avoiding pictures like the plague. It is in the "mullet phase" and Im growing it out, but i need extensions as a cover up in the mean time.

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Garlic Bread

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i actually kind of liked the photo of you with red hair, was that a wig? it looked good!

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No, it was all mine! And I miss that length.

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Barely StL

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You have a good look for alt and fetish.

It's not just the model's style but also the photographer's that makes for good photos in these genres. Lighting is very important. Wardrobe, makeup, pose and props are also key.

Black or bright red hair seems to be most preferred for alt, and black hair, mid-length to long seems to be most preferred for fetish - but I've seen good alt and fetish photos with hair of all colors and lengths.

Beyond those observations, I'll defer to the hair stylists and MUA's.

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Cynna Stylz MUA

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Clip in extensions are great pieces to use. Check them out on HauteLook ASAP.

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Katy G

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I think it's funner to switch up your color every so often rather than having a signature color that everyone is always expecting. Keep 'em guessing! wink

Google the color Wildflower by Special Effects. You'd look amazing with an ultraviolet purple shade like that.

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