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Sooo yes, I am still pretty new to the game. Just ordered about $500 in makeup and such. However truthfully, most of the time, less is definitely more.

Anywho, to the point, I can't decide what  to do with this hair of mine. I seem to have the same hair in all my shots. Ain't nobody got time for that. You see, my hair is VERY easy to maintain. Because it only does one damned thing.... lays flat.

Any advice? I was thinking of maybe getting real extensions just to make it have more volume and look more shapely. But, when it comes down to it, real hair extensions are a beast $$. And my hair is STILL going to be flat. Anyone know anything i could do to fake some curls maybe even a nice slicked back look that doesn't look stupid?

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curling iron?

those are some options...

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The O?

Also, maybe try finding a hair-stylist (and/or makeup artist) who would work TFP on your shoots?

To make it in this business you need contacts and you won't get them with an "I'll do it all myself" approach. wink

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The other day I saw Kelly Ripa showed the the whole world her wig piece. She called it the "wigston" but what I learned is that her hair dresser  (extension guru, Ryan Trygstad from the Marie Robinson Salon in NYC )

This is the best info I could find

ON his blog  HE calls it trybeauyFALLS

The concept...  no glue, clips, sewing. Just on and off.

I hope  this helps,
Good luck,

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Unfortunately, product tends to weight my hair down. Curls generally do not hold at all. I've never had a make up artist or a hair stylist. I don't even know where to start with that.

I'm going to have to check on this wigston thing... Thanks for all your suggestions.

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OK, I'm not a stylist obviously. But as an outside observer...what's wrong with your hair? Are you just bored with the same style? Because it looks healthy and even very silky in some of your shots.

Why not just find a great hair stylist in Atlanta and get a consultation? Maybe what you really want is just a change. I could see creating that with color...not changing your color but accentuating the color you have with complimentary "highlights."

Personally, I have very thick, wavy hair that grows HIGH instead of long (think Kramer on Seinfeld). I've always wanted straight, thin hair. Grass is always greener I guess lol.

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Honestly it's not your responsibility to figure out your hairstyle, you're the model. You just need to show up with clean and well maintained hair, skin, and nails. The client, art director, and stylist need to figure out the hair. You're just the canvas, my dear.

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First, lets all remember that this is MM and not every photoshoot has a stylist, makeup artist, hair sylist, wardrobe stylist.

Second to the OP - 
my hair doesn't hold curl either unless you use a lot of hairspray OR "wetset" it.   
When I do my own hair, curles .. I take a shower. When hair is still damp (not soaking wet) put in soft rollers and go to sleep.  OR if you can't sleep in them, wake up earlier do the same process but then heat dry your hair (blowdryer or whatnot).  All the way dry before removing rollers is important.  You can also put a light layer of leave in conditioner before setting the hair in rollers and it'll help it hold. 
When sylists do my hair they put light layers of hairspray on first.  Then curl it.  Then respray it.  It holds for the shoot (about 2-3 hours before it starts falling flat)

another tip for stubborn straight hair is to use a different conditioner for days when you need curls.  one that is very light.

when I wet set my hair, I will have curls for days (until it gets wet or washed).  When I hairspray and product my hair, I will have curls for a few hours or maybe a day. 

hope this helps some.

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