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Oleg Kosach

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Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk, Russia

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Ontario, California, US

Work is good. But needs a little more work. try brightening and adjusting the contrast of the image, and using the PDB method/technique to make the final touches

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I believe that the main problem here is color. Face and body look as if they were from different people, mainly due to saturation issues. Besides, the blush is definitely too strong; maybe blending it with the rest of her face by making it a tiny bit lighter and less red would make a great difference. I too think it needs some more work put onto it but it's definitely a nice start!

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Human Canoe

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Really great start indeed! Try the dodge and burn as suggested but explore the techniques using curves layers instead of overlaying 50 percent grey layers. They are much more versatile as they work like masks and are totally editable.
There are also some frequency separation techniques to preserve the textures while editing the colors only. This will allow you to change saturation, adjust contour strengths,  etcetera

Hope this gets you on the right track. Let me know if you have questions .


Mr. Human Canoe

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