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allison mindy

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Oxford, England, United Kingdom

Which of these two pics do you guys prefer?

Thank you for your help! smile

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Nashville, Tennessee, US

Without knowing the intent of the shot, I'd have to go with the first one.  It gives the viewer a better look at her, and the clothes and shoes.  I would prefer her facial features to not be parallel to the bars though.  The washed out look doesn't work well for me here.  I think deeper blacks and crisper details would push the image further along the direction I think it needs to go.  But that is personal style preference.

Jan 01 13 05:52 pm Link


Ted Wen

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Sherwood, Oregon, US

I like the first one also. It gives the feeling of the model trying to escape. I don't like the washed out look either, primarily because the face is the most washed out place. It feels like back lighting. If the face is clear, I can see it would be better.

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Phoenix, Arizona, US

first is more flattering to the model's figure.

Jan 02 13 01:04 am Link


Joseph William

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Chicago, Illinois, US

The first one

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Fist Full of Ish

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Richland, Washington, US

Def' the top one!

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al-Marsā, Tunis, Tunisia

Top one by a wide, wide margin.

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allison mindy

Posts: 1495

Oxford, England, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for the help guys! I appreciate it smile

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William Kious

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Delphos, Ohio, US

The top one... it looks like you're gnawing at the bars. It might be a bit stronger as far as pose goes, but the gnawing thing is silly.

The bottom one... I think this is the stronger shot from an emotive point of view.

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MesmerEyes Photography

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Tyler, Texas, US

Definitely the top image. Also not liking the washed out look on these images.

Jan 05 13 08:08 am Link


Vile Knights

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Waterbury, Connecticut, US

Top...tells more of a story.

Jan 07 13 07:20 am Link


Kayla Anne Thomas

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

First one , you can see the llamas facial expression better. I like the colors in both. Great work!

Jan 09 13 01:42 pm Link