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Makeup Artist

John Edward Thompson

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Columbia, South Carolina, US

Please give me your first opinion. I have recently made several changes to my portfolio and page. It still is not where I would like it to be but it is in much better shape for the beginning of 2013. I don't take offence easily, but please be kind.

I am working to improve my photography skills so that I can shoot my own port, the photographers around here like to retouch things to death and I want clients to be able to see the actual texture of the makeup so that they know realistically what they will look like.

Thanks everyone!

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Veit Photo

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London, England, United Kingdom

If I was looking to hire you, then this kind of photo would give me the best idea of what you can do:

This is probably a phone picture or from a low-end camera and there are all sorts of odd colour zones going on on the skin:
The result is pretty poor and gives little idea of what the makeup is like.

In this one the yellow of the top is actually reflecting back onto the skin:
This is why beauty is so often shot with bare shoulders when it's meant to focus on makeup alone. I'm not a great fan of the overall look here, I don't think the various elements hang together.

In this one, again, the skin colour is strange pink / yellow / green - possibly the room lighting is a mix of tungsten and daylight or some such ugly combination.

Lovely girl - but why is she doing that face? No decent photographer would stand for it! wink

This one makes me doubt my sanity and my equipment. Can anyone verify that there is a yellow colour cast on the face from below?

Maybe it's from a gold reflector?
It's not a great light to highlight the makeup as the colour kills whatever you're trying to do.

This is sensible but so lo-res!

I don't think you've really solved all of this lady's beauty issues:

The portfolio should be of this standard but bigger:

Why not just get a whole portfolio shot in this style? Or on location but using clothes and reflectors that won't kill your makeup? Take control! Direct the shoot yourself.
You don't need a massively sophisticated photographer, just someone who can use one light properly. I'd do it but I'm on the other side of the earth. Shame - I love shooting beauty.

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John M Hoyt

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Greenville, South Carolina, US

I agree with Viet....

I would love the opportunity to work with you sometime too...   I'm not so far away wink

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