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Anastasia May

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London, England, United Kingdom

Hello, I'm an aspiring model from London, looking to build up my portfolio.
I'm 17, I'm open to shooting different themes.
I am able to travel by train, depending how far.
I would prefer studio shoots, but anything is fine.
TF shoots are okay.

If you are interested in working with me, message me or email me at


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Nature Coast Lightworks

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Yeehaw Junction, Florida, US

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Salem, Oregon, US

check out the casting/travel area.

watch out for scams (especially since you disclosed your email address). don't cash any checks from strangers.

have fun and stay safe!

oh, and i wish you lived here!

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Socorro, New Mexico, US

You will probably regret posting your direct email.  You should use MM to communicate initially, otherwise you are opening your normal email up to a large amount of spam and other unwanted contacts.

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Nikki Magnusson

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Welcome to MM !!..

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Angst Decadent

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Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

Hello there smile
You have very nice pictures, i love your hair. It looks so amazing in any colour you dye it. I'd like to take some pictures with you, but unfortunately i live far away from UK and can't afford yet to pay the travel costs of the models, but if you come some day to Switzerland, drop me a line and we can manage something.
Good luck!

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