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Sidnay Adams

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Los Angeles, California, US

When I look at my port I feel something is missing or out of place

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Somerset, Pennsylvania, US

Stunning Images !!  Very Well Done !!

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MesmerEyes Photography

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Tyler, Texas, US

babyeyez wrote:
When I look at my port I feel something is missing or out of place

IMHO I would get rid of the following: or perhaps a better crop in its place. The pubic hair outside of the bottoms is distracting. because this one is better.

and possibly these two

Everything else is much better. Quality over quantity.

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Vile Knights

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Waterbury, Connecticut, US

For me there may be to many pics. Doesn't allow me to see each one as independently. I felt I had to rush to see them all.

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DVP Photography

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Broomfield, Colorado, US

You seem to be working in the glamour (including lingerie and swimwear) and erotic genres.  From these standpoints, two comments.

1.  You need to fully engage the camera.  Draw the male viewer to you.  Get rid of all the photos where you don't engage the camera with you eyes.  Look into the camera, and...

2.  Project your sensuality and sexiness into the image.  Get rid of the images where you seem to be uninvolved, lacking in sexiness.  Get fired up, get sexy, and project yourself into the photos in a sexy way.

Jan 07 13 11:33 pm Link