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Paige Morgan

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New York, New York, US

Illuminate wrote:


Why can't professional/serious models reserve a slot in their MM portfolio for a plain old Polaroid?

Because I'm a legacy and can include images in my profile text big_smile

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Jen B

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NYC fine art nudes wrote:
I'd LOVE if all models posted an image of themselves that was not retouched. They could post it in their profile (via Photobucket etc) and it wouldn't take away any alloted image allowances from their portfolio.
I'm all too familiar with what can be done in Photoshop.

Sounds good. I am going to try now!
p.s. edit, oh dear, I am a photobucket goober. The self-shot is so huge! Well, I'll figure it out! Thanks.
edit again: AHA! Well, while these are self shots and not good I will follow Anna's example and replace them considtantly, (and hopefully with better shots!) Thanks for the photobucket advice.

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rachel nicole

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I feel the best without makeup on.
I'm sure it'd be different if I were a makeup artist, but I'm not.

I'm trying to sell my face, and I don't want to show up looking much different than I did in my photos.

If you're a new model, and want to sign with an agency or go out and find work yourself, you will need to show them what you look like without makeup.. Has it ever been any other way?

If you only look good or feel confident with makeup, modeling work will be very limited for you.

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Roxy Vandiver

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Houston, Texas, US

I have posted "polaroids" online and in my MM port before.  I'm always a little self-conscious about it, but then I think, "This is the real me.  Love it or leave it."

I do not apologize for the fact that my images are retouched.  I'm just keeping up with the rest of the world.  The models and actresses you see in magazines - they are retouched.  Why shouldn't I be?

As a model, I feel that I am selling a fantasy - not a reality.  It's my job to be impossibly gorgeous because I'm an Alt/Fetish model.

I'm not trying to say, "this is exactly what I'm going to look like when you walk up to me". 

Though I will state for the record, most photographers I shoot with say the same thing upon meeting me....."You look just like your pictures!" 

I'm like, "What did you expect?"  LoL.  I guess a lot of models use super old photos or are retouched beyond all recognition.  *shrug*

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PR Zone

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London, England, United Kingdom

Roxy Vandiver wrote:
"This is the real me.  Love it or leave it"

Have to say that your 'Bunny Mouse' on the bed should be enough for most photographers :-)

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