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Elena Komleva

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This summer I cut my hair. I wanted my natural colour back, so I just chopped off the colored parts of my hair (yes, myself, I just couldn't stand the two colours anymore). Now, a few months later this turned into a layered haircut which reaches my shoulders..
But the problem is that I now always feel like I am not so desirable as a model because of the medium/short hair, it makes my look less versatile, I can't have the long-haired look anymore. My haircut also only looks good when its slightly curled at the tips, does not look good straight or any other way (it also loses it's shape just in a few hours after if I style it)..
I do have clip-in extensions, but they are synthetic and to make them look like natural  hair takes a lot of work (they are also slightly different in colour). I feel like I don't look my best now, as good as I could look if I had long hair..
Do you think natural hair extensions would solve the problem? Or are they not much better than synthetic? I remember I had natural clip-in extensions and that it wasn't perfect, but that was a long time ago..Do you think I should invest in natural hair extensions?
Can you look at my photos and tell me what you think? (on photos where I have slightly longer hair, it's the synthetic extensions I was talking about)..There is one un-edited unprofessional photo, this is the natural length of my hair without extensions..
Also, what would you call my hair colour? Dark ash blonde or light brown? Am I a blonde or a brunette?

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This needs to be in the critique forum. People can't respond here. A mod will move it if you ask.

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