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Let me know what you think! I comment back. smile

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Aaron Lewis Photography

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What are we looking at? The top 4?

The first one is interesting. I'm not sure what I think of it yet. From a model perspective I don't think it does anything for you. I think I might crop it so that your face is the primary element on the left and the background people? are the primary element on the right eliminating a lot of negative space.

The second is way underexposed. Bad lighting leaving your eyes to appear as black holes.

Then third displays a very poor use of a fill reflector or flash over illuminating your neck in comparison to the rest of your face. Had your face been better filled and / or less light on your neck this would have been a decent shot.

The fourth is pretty bad composition and does nothing for you as a model. Nice sunset and nice concept but could have been done better

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the lonely photographer

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Me thinks you need to work with some other photographers. I concur with the other comments.

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