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Louisville, Kentucky, US

Just want to get some opinions. If you have the time to review my portfolio and respond I would greatly appreciate it.

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Boston, Massachusetts, US

AS you can see not a pro I am - I do like your port, very creative.  The last 3 photos not so much, could be lighting, comp they just do not jump like the others.  But I am sure you will others say differant, that is what is great one person will say no good and 2 others will love a photo, keep up the nice work and do/keep what makes you feel good

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Aaron Lewis Photography

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Catskill, New York, US

There's a lot going on there. It would take forever to comment on everything.

Aside from the selective color, which I hate I like this image a lot

Others seem to have composition issues like this one. I really don't like the use of negative space here

But this one works well and the selective color works well here also.

Just my opinions. You are creative and you do decent work

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Eh... If you've been photographing professionally for 19 years, I really can't see it at all in your port.

The watermark needs to be updated (at least)
The photo shop is poor
Crops, lights, concepts, etc. all need to be worked on.

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the lonely photographer

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Do you really need an opinion after 19 years as a pro?

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Aaron Lewis Photography

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I didn't see the 19 year thing but I agree with the others. After 19 years as a professional, you should be doing MUCH nicer work and should not need our opinions on the results.

Additionally your website loads like it's on a dial-up connection

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