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Not sure if this is the right place for this post but...

So my work has frequently been called out on lack of direction for expression from the model, which I can agree with. I'm interested in seeing what models consider to be some of their best expressions and what emotion was driving you to get there.

This is not for critiquing -- I'm just interested in seeing an expression in relation to an emotion/direction.


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Take a look at this image in my portfolio where I was directed to present a look of disgust/shock at the appearance of the other llama compared to myself. The photographer's concept was the reality of life, comparing a young girl dressed up like a Barbie doll to a nude mature woman three times her age. She was directed to stand stiff and lifeless with no expression, just like a plastic doll. Everyone seems to like the expression I presented, and I think she did hers perfectly.  18

And you can check out this one as well (which is in the photographer's portfolio) in which both of us llamas were directed to present a moody, sensitive, sensual pose and expression.  18

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As a photographer, I like to have an informal "warm up" for 10 minutes; have a conversation, see what expressions people naturally make, take note of what angles work and don't while building a comfort level. Different expressions work for different people.

As a model, I prefer very technical directions: i.e. "chin a millimeter up, eyes to me, hold, ok now do this..." etc. I have no issue making a "silly" or "weird" face if the photographer thinks it will make for a great shot. A lot of times I do things which *feel* ridiculous or overdone but end up looking great. I have no idea what is my best/worst expression, I just throw out everything I can think of and reel it in as necessary.

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I grin/smirk a lot

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Haven't seen your port but from your avatar I think the model's expression looks a little introspective, like she's thinking about something maybe. Some people who are more into dramatic facial expressions can think this looks like a blank face, like the model was just bored and staring at nothing.

I do a lot of lingerie and nudes, so I mostly make a smirky flirty face, sultry face, angry sexy face (this is requested a lot but I'm sick of it), and there's more like innocent girly face, and so on. I have pretty much nailed the pin up faces.

At a recent shoot I did a snobby, stuck up look which was fun. Sort of looking down my nose with my chin up.

I don't often get asked to do an emotion. I mostly get asked to make a certain face and that's the face I do, but I do like it when I get to be somebody besides the sex kitten every once in a while.

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