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Unseelie Allure

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Hey guys I just added 2 new images to my port but im wondering if I should add some shots in from my dayjob as they are more commercial...but they are also boring. With that said, the shots i love ppl hate and often its vice versa so I could use some feedback on the new shots ^_^ Thank you so much!

New Shots:

New imgs from the dayjob:

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E e v a

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The second image is the best. The bottom shot in the first image looks a little off on tone and lighting, and isn't your best work.

As for the day job shots, the first one is the best. The second one is ok, but not on the level of your other stuff. The third one the purse is distracting and takes away from the shot.

Jan 11 13 05:17 pm Link


Pocket Watch

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I was blown away by your professional work when I realized these were prom dresses. As a father, there's no way I would let my daughter wear these.  There's also no way I would win that argument because you are presenting the product in an almost irresistible way to the target audience.

Truly Bravo!

And ditch the purse - it killed the image.

Jan 12 13 06:31 am Link