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Luke Dubbelde

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Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia


I am in the process of printing out my portfolio and was just wondering if people could help me out with constructive criticism, what they like, what they dont like, where i could improve etc.

Some recent images:

sorry about all the pics haha.

Thanks smile

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TRPn Pics

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Andrews, North Carolina, US

I don't like the fade at the bottom and portrait would have been preferable to landscape.
Again portrait is preferable.
Not much here really, no physique, just a guy sitting there. on the left. On the right, bad crop.
This would have been nice if the model was more off center. Portrait would have worked as well.
Just no and double no on the framing
This is nice.
More off center or portrait.
Remove the logo and there is potential.
The model connecting with the camera would have been nice here.
Yes and yes
Best shot minus the cropping off of her foot.

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Veit Photo

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London, England, United Kingdom

I like things obscuring the view, it makes me feel like I'm there. You could have been bolder with this effect.

Atmospheric and moody, while remaining quite minimal. I think this feels contemporary.

Like the blown out back which still renders the model and clothes properly, it fits the feel of the clothes and the capture of the model mid-move feels contemporary and lively.
Right: Not so keen on this model from this angle and the colours are maybe just a bit too blown...

A lovely pose. On my monitor I can see the attempt to recover detail from hair on the right and it doesn't look very precise. Also the burning of the face on the right looks smudgy, although it does give the photo more volume. Lightroom?

Personally I like things that reference bad taste. And these next two images work for me and could go even further. I see a lot of cut-outs like this and they work.
In the rose-bordered one my eye goes straight to the model's stomach which is left much paler than the rest of her skin.

Nice enough. Not very strong but could work in a story.

The gradient on the right of the face that fades into the background looks artificial. The hair suggests this is a cut-out plonked on a black colour layer.

Composition fail. She's too central. But the smudgy black and white gives it quite a raw look which I like.

This next set is good. Well lit, consistent styling, good model. Occasionally the retouch pops out because skin blur looks artificial on cheeks.

He's starting to look a bit blank. Still has some presence though.

Not so good. Obvious blurring on cheeks on the left, bored and moody on the right and can't think of a good pose.

Overdone retouch on the face. He looks like he's had reconstructive surgery. Be careful not to obliterate detail and keep on top of contours, otherwise you end up with synthetic-looking results. Otherwise well framed an acted and a good idea.

A good idea but the model doesn't use the space well in this shot, which is too wide. Shot at high ISO with daylight streaming through the windows and adding to flare it looks like there wasn't much point in making this about detail. You could have posed her using the railings, moving with a slower shutter speed to add some controlled trails. The result isn't very punchy.

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Light Writer

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The cropping is really intrusive. It detracts from the message of the images, which is to make the fashion appealing.

A lot of fashion imagery is about the "life-style" of the people who wear the clothes, so you have to make the setting or the person really interesting if you are going to de-emphasize the clothes.

Pay attention to the details of the environment, and why that environment makes a customer want to be in that place dressed that way. If the setting is bland, then the person wearing the clothes has to make people want to be that person.

just my $0.02

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Too many of these crops are hiding what is actually for sale.  I would think this would upset a number of designers who want to see their design featured along with the fantasy/story.

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