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I dont know what everyone is using to promote themselvs , but I am also on purpleport , and find it rather usefull its just for people in the uk tho wich makes it alot easier to find people !
Heres a link to mine , have a look , if you wish to sign up you also can via this link ; … r=samjessi

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Stephen Dawson

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I built my own.

But I have been playing around with programming and databases since 1983.

I have a LAMP server at home. That is Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Most hosts have this setup. I use HostPapa in Canada. Never had a problem.

I use CSS for the design.

Next project is extend my code into a pay site for a model.

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Llobet Photography

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I'm trying to build my own right now and am hand coding it with notepad, just like I did way back when.
I think I will look into Dreamweaver or CoffeCup?, or something else for development, now sure yet.

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Rich Arnold Photography

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I own my domain and use Zenfolio to host. I haven't customized it so it looks like everyone else's zenfolio site but at least it's professional and you can order prints off it, host video, do marketing campaigns etc. I didn't want to build something from the ground floor so this was the easy way to do it.

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Eric Lefebvre

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Holly Summers wrote:
So much for no bad reviews lol.

The site doesn't look bad or anything (your menu is a bit big, some of the images were poorly compressed but no horribly so, there's some inconsistency in how your gallery are displayed ...) and my comments aren't even about the minor design and UI issues your site has but with the underlying code.

The site ignores usability standards (try navigating your site with just the keyboard, people who have mobility issues are going to find your site very frustrating), the site is un-viewable at all if Javascript is disabled (page loads up completely white with no content, not even a warning) ...

In terms of automatic websites (CMS systems) WIX is very poorly done. Wordpress is far more standards compliant and robust, so is Joomla.

One little change you could do right now of course is change your "book me now" button so it goes to your "Contact Us" page instead of trying to open the default mail client.

Like I said, it's more a complaint about your service provider than the site you built using their service. smile

Wix is the Instagram / Pickik of web design/hosting.

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Holly Hoxter

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Well thanks for the tips!  I'll def look into getting something with a little better rep.  (now if I can just talk my fiancé into doing it again) lol

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Valenten Photography

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Hey guys,

I will take advantage on this topic and ask a question as well. Just tell me if I better create a new topic.

I'm currently wondering about how i'm presenting my website and whether or not it's pertinent.

My current website is a Wordpress blog ( What I find interesting in it is :
- the blog-based system with automatic mail notifications to my followers.
- the possibility for people to leave comments
- the possibility for people to join my fanbase by registering their email address.

I'm highly influenced by the approach I'm using for music marketing (as I'm first of all doing music :p). Which basically consists in having a mailinglist to "sell music".

Which brings us to the fact I'm not sure what should be my target. Put in a few words, I'm not really willing to be a pro photographer who shoots models everyday for an agency, it's not likely to become my job anyhow. I'm more like an "advanced amateur" (whatever this means) who'd like to share his work. However, I'd definitely be down with the idea, in a not-so-far future, to do paid shoots or be present on some events "professionally".

Thus, should I instead do a blog-less website that acts more like a virtual portfolio to show my skills, with a facebook page but without an email fanbase, OR a mail-based approach with many fan-engagement possibilities ?

The more I think, the more I feel the 1st one is more professionnal/interesting for a photographer, but i'm interested in knowing what you think smile ?

Thank you if you read this long message XP

Cheers guys,


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Manakins Studios

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Here is new service worth checking out, it works with your Dropbox account, so you store your photos in your Dropbox and the app sync's it with your account.

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Im a lazy cow. i like speed and simplicity
WYSIWYG editing is underrated wink

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Jon Macapodi

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I used lightroom gallery plugins to create both my websites. I'm pretty content with them.

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Images by Flap

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I originally went with a free template I found on a web site and modified it in dreamweaver. I then used a lightroom gallery for my portfolio based in flash.
I found that flash is not good one Iphones and most people checked out our stuff quickly on their phone.

I rebuilt my website with just pictures as backgrounds and text then made the text hyperlinks. I am a real noob with dreaweaver but it came out ok. Our portfolio is now in a juicebox format and I would Highly Recommend it. all mobile devices support it

We host on godaddy and will eventually pay more to get rid of the adds.

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I made mine few days ago, using wordpress

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