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Melodye Joy

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Rancho Cucamonga, California, US

I wanted to know various opinions on my modeling and if I can start being more particular and charge moreso than work TF?

This has been on my mind mainly because the only paid work that comes my way tends to be pertaining to genres that are of a less flattering light.

Now, I know I don't need to always take the gig, paid or TF but just the same...

-would you pay me for a session?
-why or why not?
-what can I improve on to make you change your mind?
-is there a genre I need to reflect more on than others?
-If you are willing to pay for a session, what is your cash offer?
-If you are willing to pay, per the rates posted on my profile, what draws you to do so?
-If we work together, would I be preparing wardrobe/hair/makeup or is this something that you'd prefer do?
-what concept(s) are on your mind?
-If we work together would this be for portfolio, editorial or another interest?

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

Well you have one image in your book, so unless its totally amazing and you had a great reputation/published work and images elsewhere there is no chance.

Second point, at least for me, is that I test for several agencies.  I can get models on request, with standard stats. So what do you offer, at 5'2" and 28 years old that they do not?  I need to see that.

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AYC Photo

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Seattle, Washington, US

I agree with AJScalzitti. With a single image that doesn't even hit a home run I'm going to have to pass. I don't shoot for agencies but I do have models knocking on the door begging for TF. Why pay when I can get the same for free.

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Oscar Partida

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Palm Springs, California, US

For the most part photographer's that pay money,they like to shoot Nudes
at least is what i have seen

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Vector 38

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Austin, Texas, US

AYC Photo wrote:
I agree with AJScalzitti. With a single image that doesn't even hit a home run I'm going to have to pass.


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Laura EB

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Rochester, New York, US

I feel like this is a bit of a case of rushing to be paid.  I've been a photographer for 3+ years and have never paid a model for a shoot nor have I been paid for a shoot (but that's more a personal choice) yet I've been published on a few occasions despite that fact.  When you're a photographer you often have a good amount of people looking to work with you for free, even if you're just decent at it so it's hard to wanna pay a model that isn't doing absolutely outstanding work or willing to shoot nudes.  If you're going to be paid you have to bring something to the photoshoot that you can't get shooting with someone else l and I just don't think that shows in your portfolio.  You need to work on your posing and get higher quality work under your belt before you can claim you're going to be worth the cost.

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Fotografica Gregor

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Alexandria, Virginia, US

Depends on who is in your market -

If your work is better than what the photographer has, and he or she wants your look, you should be charging.  You do not benefit by trading when you are not going to get any images that improve your portfolio

At this point if you are shooting with photographers who can add something to your port -  things you don't have like clean beauty and fashion / lifestyle - or more of what you do have but as good or better, I would then and only then advise trade.

So the real answer is networking and self promotion -  you want more beginning photographers to know that you are there and are available.....

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Bludenz, Vorarlberg, Austria

I actually found quite a few images in there - so maybe look again and edit?

But it's a fair point about what it is that you're selling - why should you be paid?

Think of it this way:  people pay for what they want.  If they want you enough to pay for shooting with you, then fair enough.  If no-one wants to pay to work with you (except for nudes!) then you can't charge.

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Melodye Joy

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Rancho Cucamonga, California, US

Thanks for all the insight.

What do I have to offer, you ask? Range, depth, experience, an open mind and strong I worth being paid every time? Depends on what you, as a photographer or artist needs and if I fit those requirements.

Yes, there is always room for improvement and learning. I could be the best in the business and I would never say that I am done learning or that I know EVERYTHING (because I don't)...every photo is different, every photographers style varies, every concept is a learning curve.

Someone mentioned this was a case of wanting to be paid too fast? No, I don't think so. This is a case of inquiring if I can thus achieve that goal. Doesn't mean I am looking for a handout, looking to shoot paid work only, demanding that I get what I want, when I want it. No. This business takes work, takes time, takes effort and I know that.

Thanks again, all! I look forward to more critique, insight and information.


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