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Damon Strong

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I just bought some of the new Lance Armstrong underwear.  It's guaranteed never to ride for life.

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Skydancer Photos wrote:
I think is the most compelling point of view I've read so far on this story … tory-lying

An interesting Read.

It got me thinking....., Lance knows hundreds of sports writers and broadcasters like this guy.  Some, I guess, he has known for decades and knows them well enough to call them by a nickname.  Yet, he decides to "come clean" (whatever that means) on Oprah rather than with the sports press who could really challenge him in the interview?


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GK photo

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Damon Strong wrote:
I just bought some of the new Lance Armstrong underwear.  It's guaranteed never to ride for life.


damn time warner. i don't even have this oprah channel. now i'll have to scour the interwebz for really fuzzy feeds from espn czechoslovakia.

and what's with the two hour interview? it's only one damn question.

here's my interview:

gk: lance, did you dope the shit out of yourself to win all those races?

la: no

gk: cool story, bro, now gtfo and go rot in hell, you psychopath.

or scenario II:

gk: lance, did you dope the shit out of yourself to win all those races?

la: yes

gk: cool story, bro, now gtfo and go rot in hell, you psychopath.


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Stephen Dawson

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GK photo wrote:

you are absolutely correct. the abject conniving, bribing, bullying, intimidation and overall diabolical way in which he conducted himself during his riding career is the real story.
i'll go ahead and assume a large number of people in that sport cheat to some degree, the same as they have--and still do--in others. that can be tossed out the window. what you're left with is a very cynical, manipulative douche, who took a single-minded obsession and swallowed an entire team (including physicians) into his myth. it's almost comical now how easy this was to trace. it's fucking ridiculous that he wasn't caught during the first tour.
i'm glad he was able to attach his name to a foundation that has clearly done
some good works, but there are thousands of cases of psychopaths throughout history that have done similar things. anyone ever seen the commercials where chevron is saving the environment?

c'mon, man. nothing here is new, other than this particular participant.

He actually was. They did not have a test for EPO in 99, but the samples that were saved from the Tour in 99 were tested in 2005 I believe, and all tested positive for EPO.

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Ralph Easy

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It's just bombshell after bombshell, on Oprah...

I wonder why he came out to do it... ?? … 6556036466


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Tim Little Photography

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I learned this morning what his life has really been like. Since way back when he has employed a team of lawyers without souls, PR scum without souls and a goon squad without souls to physically threaten people. Those people he sued, and there were legions of lawsuits against people telling the truth about him, ruined many of them. Defending yourself against the LiveStrong guy is expensive. He destroyed people. Poor people who didn't have anything to begin with. He ravaged their lives. People lost their homes and everything they had because of his lies.

I though this was really a non-issue. Just another rich guy caught cheating. It isn't. It is about a truly evil man destroying the lives of the innocent.

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Untitled Photographer

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Dark Shadows wrote:
Bradley Wiggins won the Tour in 2012 without doping, and Cadel Evans won the Tour in 2011 without doping. Those saying that you 'have' to dope to compete, or that the entire peleton was doping, are just plain wrong.

During Lance's productive years pretty much everyone was in fact doping, at least the major cyclists.  Look at all of those who were caught, banned, etc back then.  I would not be shocked it 10 out of 10 top cyclists were doping in the 90s and much of the early 2000s.

And since Lance was stripped from his 7 titles then the runner up is not the Tour winner.  Some of those were later caught doping, even that same year.  I wonder if any of the people who are now the winners of those tours rode clean. I doubt it.

This does not excuse Lance in any way, the "everyone else was doing it" is obviously a cop out.

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