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Photos by Lorrin

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Eugene, Oregon, US

I use a rolling suitcase - wrapping the AB's in towels.

Stands fit in there also.

sometimes I put them in a Pelican case (or Tundra)

Camera in back pack.

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Ray Wilson

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Charlotte, North Carolina, US

I built a custom case using a large (100 gallon?) Stanley rolling tool chest and a piece of 4" foam (camp mat, I believe it was called). Was able to cut the foam into 4 pieces, then cut spaces for my strobes (3 Einsteins) and 7" reflectors. I put that piece in the middle, with a full (cut) sheet on the bottom and another on top. From there, I can fit my three foldable stands, 3 40" umbrellas and 2 foldable strip boxes on top. My grids, cables and any other small items sit in the tray above everything else.

I haven't done much plane travel with it (none actually), but I would expect it to hold up well. It does great in my SUV though.

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Richard Karlsen

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Gloversville, New York, US

I don't do a lot of traveling with a lighting setup but this has worked well for me and you can't beat the price.  Usuall can get everything inside including a camera hard case!!

I drive a pickup or SUV so transporting it is now problem, would be a little latge for public trasnsport thopugh. (dosen't exist around here anyway!! … facetInfo=

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Mask Photo

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Fremont, California, US

I used to use a big $400 rolling case. it really limited what I was able to do, partly since i live upstairs and partly because i didn't always want 4 lights on a shoot.

Now I use baseball deck bags. Very similar to this:

Most 10' light stands are the length of a baseball bat when folded up. Most monoblocs are less than the size of a baseball helmet, so the important parts fit easily.

Most bags also have LOTS of pockets for various bits and modifiers.

I used to use one for 2 monolights and modifiers (for an outdoor kit), and one for one monolight and several speedlights (for an indoor kit).
However, 2 monolights, stands, and modifiers are way too heavy to go into one shoulder bag, so i'm going to one monolight per bag.

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Tom LA

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Walnut, California, US

$60 rolling bag from Home Depot: … PtREmfy98E

Fits 2 monolights, a VML battery, and all the necessary accessories.  Cheap enough that I thought I would throw it away if the retracting handle failed, but I've had it for over a year and it's still going.  Looks about as professional as the camera specific stuff.  I stuff it with t-shirts and bedsheets inside, but no one sees that stuff.

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Edgewood, Maryland, US

I found a rugged travel bag that I use for the majority of my equipment. I found some soft shipping foam that I cut out and molded to the inside to hold my strobes and speed-lights. For my light stands, umbrellas, mono and tripod I use a baseball bat bag I picked up from a second hand store. Wrapped with my back drops to keep everything snug.
Works well on Maryland Transit in the Baltimore region! Done it a many of days...

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Shot By Adam wrote:

I use a Pelican 1730, which is a great case for lights. Comes with a nice padded interior and is very customizable. I put three of my Einsteins in there with ease plus have room for cables, modifiers, clamps, power strips, receivers/transmitters, and a bunch more gear as well. The only downside is that it's heavy so when I travel I have to always fly airlines that are more friendly to heavier bags but jeez is this case tough. I've had mine for about two years and I love it!

Do you lock the case when flying? Which type of lock do you use? TSA, or non-TSA?

I'm planning on flying with my equipment this year, and am only troubled by the lock/theft issue.

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