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Templeton, California, US

Probably a silly question to ask..

If a model is painted in one location, is the paint likely to rub off and need touching up if the location for the shoot is a drive away?..

Or is it better to arrange to paint actually at the location?..

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It's likely they will need touching up even during a short shoot, a car ride is sure to be worse...

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Pat Berrett

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The warmer the weather the more likely they are to sweat and have the paint run.
I have had body painters spray the model with cheap hairspray right before we leave. It helps protect the paint.

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Laura UnBound

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Id have them also sit on a plastic drop cloth or cut open trash bag, rather than towels, since the texture of the towel seems more likely to rub the paint off. And make sure they sit still. But if you can paint on location, absolutely do that.

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Body Painter

Lisa Berczel

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I've transported many a body painted model.

My experience is different from some of the other replies.... body paint likes plastic and chairs better than it likes skin so DO use towels on seats (as mentioned above, do be mindful of the towel's texture). Do NOT let painted skin touch painted skin for any length of time. If need be, fold towels between sides an arms, between legs and under knees.

Yes, expect touch ups.

Know that my work is 80% airbrush. My transport experiences have been with multiple brands, both water based and alcohol based.

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Body Painter

BodyPainter Rich

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It's tricky, but possible.

Temperature is key. Not warm enough to sweat, not cool enough to make goosebumps or wear your model out.

Recline the seat if possible, and remind the model to keep thighs apart.

Good soft, fluffy towels work well, keep the model dry and no sticking to plastic.

Tinted windows help.

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Body Painter

Sweet Loretta

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I paint and transport models all the time. And paint costumes and Halloween for party goers.  I find silky smooth fabrics are kinder to body paint both classic and airbrush than textures like towels. It is very hot in the spring, summer and even fall months.

I do suggest fixing the body art with fixing spray for added durability. Some do use hairspray but it can react with various body paints and become sticky and even make the paint gooey. For extra umph use a fixing spray under and over makeup.

Do have a touch kit on hand - I do but rarely use it, Especially once you've covered the body paint with fixing spray - forget it it is what it is. Usually my kit just stays dumped on the ground. If your concerned paint as much as possible and paint the remainder on site.

Sweet Loretta

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