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My longest shoot was just under 3 hrs.  I usually schedule 1.5 to 2 hours (I get tired actually, after 2.5 hrs--my Oly 35-100 f2 lens is wonderful, but it's weighty).  But--my models come ready to shoot, so no make-up, and max clothing changes are 3 looks.  Plus, I gag if I have more than 300 images to process; my comfort level is best with about 200 shots or less.  I hope to get 10-15 usable images out of the shoot.  But my time limits reflect the actual amount of time to shoot.  I basically have only 6hrs per week that I can shoot because of another job & family obligations.

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Fred Ackerman

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As long as it takes to get the image!

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Amber Dawn - Indiana

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I've shot up to 6 hours one time but I prefer no more then 3 unless there's makeup/hair

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Expression Unlimited

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Shandra Stark wrote:
You get tired after three hours?  Do you mean bored, or actually tired?

If you're getting should bring snacks!!

I bring snacks to every shoot.  Smoothies, nuts, yogurt, a sandwich, fruit...all at once.  No one has ever questioned or minded my snacking.  Smoothies are the absolute best, especially on shorter shoots where there won't be a break longer than a few minutes at a time.

I get tired Shandra!!

No mater how motivated...

I get much more tired behind the camera than in front.
There really is a lot more to do, to think, resolve, manage and perform.

I typically shoot more than one person per shoot and about 250 to 425 images, 95% of which are usable.

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CraigVoisin Photography

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I can live with 2 but prefer 3 or 4 hours .

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Dan D Lyons Imagery

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From the time of the model's arrival til we're "bye!" and parting ways, about 2.25 hours - if I were to average it out? Under 2 hours with hair & MU in-studio covers 3 looks with fugaround-time (being-silly time). I've conducted location-shoots that were 90-minutes 2 looks, and 8&1/2 hour creative that had one look only (full nude guerrilla-nudes). It depends on the nature & pay of the shoot, really. I do more events than anything else however, so......

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Mine are often long.

Model meets with MUAH around 8-9AM at someone's house (e.g. the MUAH) or they meet together at the motel.  They spend a couple of hours, maybe more, together doing their thing.  Then they go out to the location since the desert is often without power for the MUAH and her gear, as are some movie sets (They bring in huge generator trailers when they use them.).

I generally go straight to the site and set up around 8 AM, and also and meet with the property master and pay him.  Takes me about 1.5 hours to get set up and ready to go.  Then I get a text or call that the MUAH and model are en route.

Spend a couple hours shooting and changing clothes, props, location, or whatever.

So now it is noon and I take everyone to lunch for about an hour, or two.

Back to location and shoot until about 4PM if no one is burned out (Usually me!  Some models seem to get a second wind after lunch and are often more relaxed by then too.).

At 4-5PM, the model and MUAH leave.  I clean up all the debris on the set and meet with the property master and get approval of the "clean sweep."  Takes me another 1.5-2 hours to pack gear up too so I'm out around 6PM.

So I often just book the models, set, and MUAH for a day (or call it 8 hours) on average so no one watches the clock.  Less hassles, and cheaper or better rate than hourly by doing it that way too.  Movie set locations prefer a day rate anyway ($700-$2,000/day) so I figure I may as will get my time out of using them.

In studio, maybe 2-3 hours with 1 hour for quickie MUAH.  Much cheaper and far easier to do also, but I like the outdoors as it is more challenging and fighting with the sun, equipment, and elements like the desert heat and afternoon wind too.  I actually threw out all my backgrounds and studio related stuff recently as I don't like to do studio stuff anymore for some reason.  Not invigorating enough I guess.  Seems the harder I work to get the shot, the more I like it.

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Steven Velasquez

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Just this past Saturday I did a 6 hour shoot. That was 3 looks though, different outfits, different makeup and a dinner break. smile

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