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Heather Jay

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Vallejo, California, US

I've done various makeup in the past, but I'm looking to go to the professional level now.  I've been given a free space to bring in my own clients etc so it's more than likely going to be more for special event makeup.

What are some products that are MUST HAVES in your kit?

Also, any tips for going into my new venture would be helpful.  Thanks in advance!!

Jan 20 13 10:24 pm Link

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EmElle Makeup and Hair

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San Jose, California, US
Live it, love it, make it your bible.

Jan 20 13 10:38 pm Link

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Linda Chudomelova

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Prague, Prague, Czech Republic

EmElle said it all, so I'd just like to wish you good luck. wink

Jan 21 13 12:28 am Link

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Chicago, Illinois, US

I think sells pretty nice starter kits

Jan 21 13 05:24 pm Link