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Eric Molinar Photo

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Murrieta, California, US

I have some older stuff on my site.  I could do some updating, but I like to know if I should ditch some of the pictures and I guess what ones are the strongest.

Thanks for the input!

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The Gross Bite

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One I'd think about ditching is:

It's not really a 'model' image. You have a busy background, and in the thumbnail the model essentially disappears amid the clutter. The guitar hides a lot of her figure and you can't see much of her face.

Just my opinion.

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Photos that could disappear
Full eye please
Lower models chin
Not the most flattering of knee poses
Loose the border, show models right hand

Now the good stuff
Whiten teeth and whites of eyes
Less sky, Photoshop out barbeque grill
Nice job with this one

Feb 05 13 04:59 am Link