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Michael Bots

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3,300-Year old Uluburun shipwreck

World's oldest shipwreck reveals incredible cargo … ble-cargo/

"Following the chance discovery of the wreck in 1982, archaeological excavations were carried out between 1984 and 1994 by George F. Bass and Cemal Pulak of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology. Due to the wreck’s tricky location on a steep rocky slope 50 metres beneath the surface, excavation time for each diver had to be limited to 20 minutes per dive, twice a day. The total number of dives to take place was 22,413."

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Thank you for the link

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Body Painter

Cat Camp

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That's an amazing find! Next question, when will the exploration be complete enough for National Geographic to do a full article on it? I think I'll be bookmarking this one!

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American Glamour

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What I find amazing is how much cargo they were able to carry.  The "ship" as they call it, is smaller than the boat that I live on. I couldn't imaging putting 40,000 pounds of "stuff" on my boat and I have no idea where I possibly would have put it.

They must have been fantastic ship builders and seamen.

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