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Ed Woodson Photography

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Savannah, Georgia, US

My Vote.....   #11

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Derek Galon

Posts: 515

Roseau, Saint George, Dominica

#6 please

Feb 01 13 10:50 am Link


C2C Portraits

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Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

#6    best of luck!

Feb 01 13 08:48 pm Link

Digital Artist

Joe Diamond

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Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

# vote 14

Feb 01 13 10:54 pm Link



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Milton Keynes, England, United Kingdom


Feb 02 13 12:20 am Link


Fifty8 Photography

Posts: 408

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Tough pick though!

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Dublin, Dublin, Ireland


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Little Rock, Arkansas, US


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Tara Jayne

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Lexington, Kentucky, US


Feb 02 13 10:52 am Link


Jack Vinti

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Medford, Oregon, US


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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US


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Steven Bagley

Posts: 341

Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Vote 6

Feb 03 13 02:05 am Link


Nancy Wishard

Posts: 4098

Fallbrook, California, US

Definitely #6!

Feb 03 13 07:02 am Link


Daniel Chase

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San Francisco, California, US

Vote #3

Feb 03 13 10:44 am Link


CongoLebanese Model

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Los Angeles, California, US


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Brighton, England, United Kingdom


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Matt Ford

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Los Angeles, California, US

#6- Stephen Thorne

Feb 03 13 02:40 pm Link


Red Sky Photography

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Germantown, Maryland, US

# 3 Laura Dark

Feb 03 13 05:51 pm Link


Sita Mae

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US


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Bunny Bombshell

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Anderson, #27

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Vallejo, California, US


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Jamaica, New York, US


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Craig Seay

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Nashville, Tennessee, US

As of 12:01 am. PST, Feb 4th this competition is closed and any votes posted beyond that time will not be counted. As usual, I will refrain from voting unless my vote is needed to break a tie. 

Thanks again everyone who has participated by voting! We will announce our winner for this category as soon as all votes are counted and a clear winner is decided for each of our three levels of award.

In counting the votes we will first determine who our top three contenders are and then each of their votes will be scrutinized. All "friend" votes and votes that appear within reason to have been solicited will be removed from our final tally at the sole discretion of our administrative staff. In the process of counting and scrutinizing votes, the order of our top contenders may change so please be patient while we do what we do to keep the competitions fair and the playing field level. We will return soon with our final results!

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Posts: 4672

Jamaica, New York, US

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Stephen Thorne

Posts: 520

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

A big thank you to "my" models and MUAs, and to everyone who supported me over the past year with your advice, words of encouragement and votes, and in the POTY. It's very gratifying to have others appreciate something you love so much, and to find friends among such great artists of all kinds. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I extend my thanks, also, to Craig Seay, XandX, and SJH Photography for all your great work and dedication year after year. Let's keep shootin', folks!

Feb 12 13 08:15 pm Link


Carmine Warren

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Orlando, Florida, US

Ditto Stephen,

Thanks to all those involved in making this contest come to life each week, your dedication, hard work and generosity is appreciated.

Feb 13 13 06:04 pm Link


Craig Seay

Posts: 8606

Nashville, Tennessee, US

Congrats to Model Mayhem's "PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2012" Medalists!!
GOLD -Stephen Thorne
BRONZE -Steven Bagley

We are proud to announce our Model Mayhem OTY (of the Year) 2012 Competition GOLD/SILVER/and BRONZE Medalists!

Be sure to enter each week for a better shot at highest honors at the end of the year!!

If you need help getting started just give us a shout. wink

These banner links are also conveniently located in the "contests" tab in the main menu- bar at the top of each page.

Feb 16 13 11:41 am Link