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Kelly Ann Carter

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Hollywood, Florida, US

what do you all think about my new awesome images?

Jan 29 13 12:00 pm Link



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Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
You are with out question a very attractive model
However not seeing much energy in your images
Of the photos in your present portfolio, believe this one shows you off the best

Jan 29 13 01:08 pm Link


Drew Smith Photography

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Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Kelly Ann Carter wrote:
what do you all think about my new awesome images?

I'm afraid only the word 'new' is actually representative of your images.

Jan 30 13 06:49 am Link



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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I agree with Drew and Lee above.

Images should 'sell' you to photographers, so should only be the best. Your portfolio lets you down.

A few of comments to help you select: Water runs downhill, so in the background should be horizontal; try to use the 'rule of thirds' in images that you show, it is more pleasing to most to view (hardwired into our brains); try not to show almost identical images - it just dilutes the portfolio; try varying your expression - practice in front of a mirror; add a plain simple headshot so photographers can see you - your eyes should be razor sharp in it; be very careful of the cropping of your images - for the most part crops shouldn't cut joints (e.g., elbow) and need to be placed carefully not to distract.

Finally, although you asked about images I almost didn't get past your bio. Please don't use the third person, it doesn't read professionally. Rather, it gives the impression that you can't follow the guidelines for this  site. If you can't follow such a simple instruction how could I, as a potential photographer, trust you would pose in the way I need?

None of the above should be seen as 'deal-breakers' to your modelling aspirations, just items to work on. Good luck.

Feb 02 13 03:12 am Link