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Anujin Enkhbat

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Lexington, Kentucky, US

Am I a bad model?
I feel as if I get overlooked a lot.
Is it my profile picture?
My "About Me" section?
Anyone want to critique me honestly?
Or give me some advice?

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Gainesville, Florida, US

You should have posted this in the "critique" forum.

That's the only mistake that I'm allowed to comment on.

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JLC Images

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Maggie Xia

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

You are a beautiful model with dance background which could be very useful for modeling:

few things you could work on:

do research, study other ppl's imgs (poses and facial expressions) and learn about this industry, find out what type of modeling you want to do

there are three imgs where you are doing a jete (excuse my ballet term if i'm wrong), try to keep only one of them. too repetitive. personally i like the last one (first one your face is blocked and blurry, 2nd one has distracting background)

learn how to distinguish good photography from bad photography. try to contact good photographers in your area. Too be honest neither of us are 5'8" and 110 pounds so we need to reach out to photographers instead waiting on ppl to contact us.

modeling can only take you as far as you make it smile

Best of luck

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DG at studio47

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East Ridge, Tennessee, US

I think that your "look" is ok. recommend:

work with more photographers?

get some good head shots in your portfolio?

network here on MM to get noticed?

approach more photographers in your area using the 'browse' feature. ask them to help build your portfolio with TFCD shoots?

It takes a LOT of work to get rolling--virtually no one can post a profile/portfolio on MM and wait for 'luck' to come along. I don't know what you have put into your modeling, I'm just saying that the harder you work, the more results you reap.

Best wishes OP!

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Odin Photo

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Salt Lake City, Utah, US

I think that building a larger repertoire of expressions will be beneficial. Good luck to you.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Hi Anujin,

You're not a bad model - you're a beginning model. Your portfolio is still under development, which is to say you need to invest time and maybe money in improving your portfolio, which will make you more attractive to prospective clients - be they paying or TF. The poster above who said it was near-impossible to make an instant splash on MM was right.

Some specific feedback…


Re-work it. Imagine I'm a photographer in your area. At present I don't know what your interests are, what your experience is, what your availability is like. Sell yourself.

Also, I'd dump the 'not a friend collector' line. I mean the whole social network friend thing is pretty useless so the more you have, the more people will potentially find your page. None of your 'friends' are going to be offended if you don't catch up for coffee with them when you're next in Uzbekistan!


As described above, this is the best movement shot. I'm not a fan of the backdrop but that's a hell of a move you're making. Nice stuff.

There are some other keepers, one or two shots that suffer from some bad post work, and some duplication, such as the tree and other dance shots.

I would, as described above, work on getting some quality head shots and working with other photographers as you build your profile. Hang in there, as it will get easier to book work the more you do this.



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Garry k

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

You would do well to hire a pro photographer

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Digital Artist

Anthony Bryan

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London, England, United Kingdom

Garry k wrote:
You would do well to hire a pro photographer

I agree with this completely! You have a good look but do need better quality images. Don't just add anything to your port. You want your first impression to be a good one. Good luck.

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guide forum



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Austin, Texas, US

I can tell from the placement of your arms in your nonjump shots you're a dancer.

Just find people whose images you like and ask work with them, it just takes time, you can obviously pose.

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Sullen Garbo Siren

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Atlanta, Georgia, US

I would recommend losing the first jump photo, as it's blurry and looks like it was taken with a low-quality camera. You've already proved you can do exciting jumps, like the one with the unimpressive background and the one with the graffiti.

I would personally keep the first photo of you in the tree, since you look more relaxed.

Get one headshot where you can see your face. A good face photo shows what your features really look like. This will allow people to contact you for shots using interesting makeup.

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New York, New York, US

your photos are pretty awful, your figure,height and looks are average and you live in a part of the country that has a low demand for any type of models.  Advice?  Just keep it as a hobby, have fun when ever you can shoot.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

I don't think you are. Your images are not of professional quality in my opinion but you appear to be comfortable in front of the camera. The first image in your port is blurry and an odd composition in my opinion but you look relaxed which draws me into the image even though it isn't up to a professional standard. I see potential in you, as mentioned above you should really study facial expressions and the types of modeling that are in the industry to really pinpoint where you'd like to go with it. I'd love to see some professional shots of you as well

Best of luck!

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Los Angeles, California, US

With your ability to jump and keep your limbs positioned, you could create some really interesting images. I would suggest when you're jumping and paying attention to intricate positions of your limbs, that you also must pay attention to getting your face toward the camera, with expressions as if you were standing still posing. You'll have something.

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Sergei Rodionov

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Dallas, Texas, US

Anujin Enkhbat wrote:
Am I a bad model?
its hard to answer without shooting

I feel as if I get overlooked a lot.

Anujin Enkhbat wrote:
Is it my profile picture?

in part, i would imagine - yes. Its hard to see what in avatar. Much mess going on.

Anujin Enkhbat wrote:
Or give me some advice?

Basically you need stronger port. And better avatar.

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Seattle, Washington, US

with your dance background I'd shoot you in a second if you lived within 100 miles of me. You're in a difficult part of the country but keep trying to improve, find more photogs and expand your expressions. Clear out your port, keep only the strongest images as  suggested elsewhere.

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Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom

Honestly its not you

you need to be more picky about the photographers you work with

a good model with bad images will get overlooked for an average model with very good images

go network hard, scroll through pages and pages photographers with good images and hit them up, just a 'Hi love your work, am available if you are interested' is just fine

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M Pandolfo Photography

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Tampa, Florida, US

I don't think you're a bad model and perhaps there is potential. But my initial impression overall was "meh." Not specifically directed at you, but the whole experience.

I didn't see anything inspiring in pose, location, shot concept and execution, wardrobe or image quality. The only shot that approaches an interesting concept or pose would be a dance image, and you have three of those.

Then, combine that with "average" stats and a less-than-ideal geographical location and it's really an uphill battle.

Edit: And a b&w image that doesn't show you very well isn't the best avatar. You have no headshots in your entire portfolio.

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L Bass

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Nacogdoches, Texas, US

You are young and fairly new to the game. Be patient and take your time collecting work with a variety photographers using different poses, styles, lighting, wardrobe, etc.

Basically, work on adding more diversity in your port. I definitely see potential. I can only suggest that you take your time and don't expect BIG things to happen overnight. They usually don't.

Keep at it, and I wish you all the best wink

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May Sinclair

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Los Angeles, California, US

I get the sense you can really pose but your facial expressions could use some work.

Your portfolio is just OK. I think the bigger problem is the photographers you are working with. Find some better photographers and you'll get better pictures.

Most models will hear no more than they hear yes. Don't take it personally.

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