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Bronte Ann

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Detroit, Michigan, US

Lets look at our eating and exercise habits...
Hopefully we can all learn something new! smile

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Richland, Washington, US

Whatever you're doing seems to be working very well. :]

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Grand Rapids, Michigan, US

I'm a dancer. smile When I'm well (right now I'm dealing with an injury, so no exercise for me--boo!), my dance schedule typically consists of pointe on Sundays, advanced technique on Tuesday mornings, intermediate technique on Friday mornings, and rehearsal for the Irish dance company I'm in on Friday afternoons. smile

I also take the bus, which means walking a lot more than the average American (didn't notice where you're from, OP, sorry).

As far as my eating habits go: I eat what I want, when I want, but do my best to keep it in check. I look (and feel!) my absolute best when on a raw diet. My best photos were taken when I was raw. smile Right now, I'm averaging only 60% raw on a daily basis, BUT I'm working on getting it at least to 70-75%, and today I'm 100% raw so far. smile

Also: Green tea. It's not technically raw, but I don't count that as non-raw food, since plain green tea is so chock-full of awesome. smile

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I would love to know also, how traveling models stay fit and healthy when travelling, i struggle so badly lately, when im traveling, i hardly do much of my excerise and eat, i try to eat healthy if i cant find anything healthy, i generally end up not eating much at all.. 

When i am not traveling i am at the gym, trying to make up for loss of time out of the gym.. but when i get into my routine, i am off again..

i would love to hear from other models as well how they stay fit or in shape..

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Stark Swearengen

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Woodbridge, Virginia, US

My current routine:
Monday~ Squats, Barbell shrugs, leg press, leg extension, leg curls, calf presses
Tuesday~ heavy bench day, close grip bench, dips, dumbbell shoulder press, triceps pushdowns
Wednesday~ Abs
Thursday~ Squat, Deadlift, bent barbell rows, seated rows, pulldowns, one arm dumbbell rows
Friday~ Light Bench day, incline bench, side lateral raises, curls, nosebreakers

15 to 20 minutes of cardio afterwards

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guide forum



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Boston, Massachusetts, US

There are a million threads, asking this exact same question. Lots of resources.

Right now:

Monday: legs and butt (barbell squats, stiff-leg deadlifts, extensions and seated curls, calf press) + 15 minutes intervals on treadmill, alternating fast walk with 7mph run

Tuesday: back (cable pulley rows, lat pull downs, pull-up, hyperextensions, "good mornings", and 1-2 rear deltoid exercise)

Wednesday: chest (flat bench press, incline bench press, dumbbell flyes, pushups with different hand positions)

Thursday: legs and butt (Smith Machine lunges, single leg deadlifts, add/abduction, glute-specific mat work, or glute-ham raises)

Friday: nothing

Saturday: HIIT intervals, 15 minutes, plus whatever else I feel like doing, generally core-specific mat work.

Sunday: arms and shoulders (different sorts of curls, preacher bench, tricep pull-downs, extensions and dips, shoulder press, lateral and front raises, plus 1-2 rear deltoid exercise).

I know there are better ways to split things. I'm kind of laid back about how I split workouts, so it could be better, but I try not to be a hard-ass. I divide up rear delts the way I do, because I have really poor development back there, and try to train that area twice per week. I don't do a separate shoulder day, because it's hard to fatigue my shoulders, unless they're pre-fatigued already, by working them after either arms or back. Doing shoulders after doing arms, I generally manage to have shoulder muscle soreness the next day. I don't get that if I train them separately.

Food: I'm a vegan. I eat every 3-4 hours. Breakfast is a huge, cooked meal for me. I eat as much as I can possibly hold at breakfast, then fruits and nuts make up a large portion of my diet for the rest of the day until dinner, with one large smoothie after a workout (banana and berries, almond butter, hemp and pea protein, coconut milk). I typically have a salad with some type of beans for dinner, or spiralized raw zucchini with marinara sauce and tofu/beans for my last meal. Sometimes, raw soup, warmed up a little on the stove. I'm aware that's not for everyone, and I wouldn't advise others to eat that way, but it does work well for me, and I really enjoy my food.

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Jordan L Duncan

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Jacksonville, Florida, US

I have a toddler to chase and a ton of housework on a regular basis, so that is part of my daily workout. I try to walk at least 2 miles every day after the gym to clear my head and also burn a few more calories.

I prefer low impact workouts that are easy on the joints. I do a lot of yoga and pilates based exercises because I think strengthening and stabilizing the core is the most important thing. I do the elliptical for my cardio instead of running because running messes up my knees and hips. I get stiff and then its hard to get into poses on shoot days.

My "real" exercise routine is this:

Monday - 1.5 hrs Yoga and 30-45 mins weight lifting to recover from the weekend.
Tuesday - 45-60 mins elliptical, 30-45 mins weight lifting, 15-20 mins calisthenics (pushups, crunches, planks, etc)
Wednesday - 1.5 hrs Pilates or 1 hr Ballet Beautiful workout MAYBE 30-60 mins on stationary bike if Mary Helen Bowers didn't completely destroy me
Thursday - 45-60 mins elliptical and 1.5 hrs yoga
Friday - 1.5 hrs Pilates and 30-45 mins weights
Saturday and Sunday - Whatever I can fit in. Weekends are insanity around here. Usually this is just walking and pushing my toddler in the stroller, chasing her around a playground all day, and sometimes once she's asleep I manage to do 15-20 mins calisthenics, a stationary bike workout, or some weights.

As far as diet and exercise, I eat as clean and organic as humanly possible. I avoid sugar, salt, soda, white breads, pasta, and dairy since all those things contribute to bloating. I also try to only eat raw or steamed fruits and veggies since most of the nutrition in them gets lost in the cooking process. For protein I only consume lean meats, egg whites, and, nuts, and legumes. I see food as fuel rather than something which brings pleasure, which is vital to effective dieting and exercising. That's not to say that I don't enjoy food and try to make it as yummy as I can, but I don't get hung up on the fact that I can't eat my grandmother's squash casserole once a week or have chocolate cake every night. I do allow myself treats since I think denying yourself of cravings only leads to binging, but when I do indulge I pick times when I won't be shooting in a week or less and I indulge very little. I find that I enjoy things more if they are in small quantities.

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Misfit Amy

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Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia

I m a dancer as some here as well.

right now I take bellydance classes two times a week, dance kinetics two times a week and ballet once a week if I make it since money and time have been tight and I had to let go of my beautiful semi-private classes. Once in a while I take pole dance (ballet and pole work great together).

Since I m an instructor as well, I train myself at home with yoga, pilates and bellydance as well anywhere from two to four times a week.

Also, when I have dance gigs my endurance goes waaay up just because of the work I put in. smile

I would like to train more, but even when I could scrunch up the time, there s no money to cover it. hmm I see and feel the progress of my regime and think it s doing a great job. smile

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Alexander Lazarevic

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Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Monday: Chest - Tricep
Tuesday: Back - Biceps
Wednesday: Shoulders & Dips
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Chest
Saturday: crossfit/arms/deadlifts
Sunday: Rest smile

Trying to eat some healthy as possible, a lot of protein, vegetables,potatoes,rice and nuts.

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