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Newport Beach, California, US

Am i good enough for modelling??

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Based on your portfolio (or lack there of), vaque profile, and lack of available stats, I would not consider you for a paid or tf job.

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M Pandolfo Photography

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I'm sure there are exceptions but 1" tall models rarely succeed. Unless there is a spectacular macro lens involved.

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The Gross Bite

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Hmmmm... an 'alternative' model wearing ties (and one of them a bowtie!)

Sorry, the hair thing would eliminate my consideration of you for anything.

Feb 01 13 01:15 am Link


Aaron Lewis Photography

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Catskill, New York, US

You don't have anything in your profile or portfolio that would make me want to work with you.

Most of your pictures look like cellphone, or at best snapshots run through an Instagram filter.

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Anna Kl

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

wouldn't really say that you have a "model" look but keep trying to get TFs from photogs!

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David Lolz

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it takes years of practice like any other "job."

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Square Jaw Photography

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Take a look at what I wrote in your other posting. Like I said, it depends on the type of photographer as well. Most photographers shoot glamour, beauty, and artistic nude. You have to really search for the one who shoot your look.

I could indeed think of some ideas for your look, but I do agree with the others that your port does not show good experience. Keep searching and developing.

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It's Banksee!

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nothing about you really stands out, i would pass

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Mark Salo

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If we worked together, would you credit me?

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