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Makeup Artist

Carmen Make up and Hair

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Traveling to London from Toronto, I'd like to get a work Visa next year and work/live in London.


I am looking to ASSIST artists working in London, as well as network with photographers/stylists/hair etc.

Even if you'd like to meet up for coffee and tell me a bit about what it's like to live and work in London.  I would be appreciative of any time that you are willing to give me.  I want to meet up with people that I can collaborate with in the future.  Basically I am trying to make connections so that when I move there I am not starting completely from scratch.

I am also looking for people to stay with/couches to crash on, so if anyone is willing to offer up their place for a night or two, it would be much appericiated.  I am trying to keep my costs down :]

Shoot me a message - I'd love to hear from you!!

-Carmen Rachel

Jan 31 13 11:34 am Link


Sabrina Danielle

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Miami, Florida, US

I'll be in London at the same time as you, also traveling alone and wouldn't mind someone to talk to. smile I've posted a traveling casting call and if I do get any takers, maybe you can tag along? But a cup of coffee doesn't sound bad at all. Up for anything smile


May 01 13 11:43 pm Link