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Sven Lori

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Brussels, Brussels, Belgium

Hi follow MMs,

I am torn apart by the old question. How many images should I include in my portfolio? This is also related to the issue of making a choice on

I noticed that a number of longer experienced MM member go for a quite high number of images, somtimes sorted by albums (VIP accounts)

Any advice on this, in particular with regard to my portfolio.

Any suggestion on whether or not organize it by albums? Are they not distracting?

Thanks in advance for any feedback

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The Gross Bite

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The question is  - Did those who 'bought' VIP status do it because they wanted more image space?

My opinion. YES.

A few GOOD images are better than 200 so-so images. VIP status just means you paid more to get more image space. It has nothing to do with image quality.

Looks like you may have lost your train of thought in writing your post...
"This is also related to the issue of making a choice on "

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Neil Snape

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Which portfolio?

In print 20-50 if they are strong.

MM portfolios?

One page is best. If you do as I did, the views are diluted, and the further you go into page views the faster people leave no matter how good the images are. So 20 images is best, choose carefully.

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