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Hey there,

Could a couple of you take a look at my profile and portfolio and help me improve on it? I have a feeling that my port maybe hindering me booking castings calls since I rarely get a reply back on the ones I contact. I know that I wont get picked for every casting and the clients are just looking for the person who fits their projects best, but Id like to improve my odds and my portfolio. smile

I was starting in more fashion/runway llamaing but I am looking into commercial llamaing and acting now since I am 5'8". Please be honest but don't be ridiculously cruel. tongue I have only been llamaing since I turned 18 (August 2011).

Thank you for taking the time to help out a fellow MMer! big_smile


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Well, let's start with your profile.

"Modeling has been my dream since I was a little girl. I love meeting new people and collaborating together to get the perfect shot."

EVERY model seems to put something like this in their profile... and every photographer  ignores it. Photographers want to know what you can/will do for them, and at what cost. Anything else is fluff and usually ignored.

As for your portfolio... Not bad, but you could work on developing some more facial expressions. The lips slightly parted look seems to be your main expression.

BTW, you DON'T have to look into the lens on EVERY shot.

Just my opinion.

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its not your port so much - I just dont see you as a model.  You dont have a look that pops so I guess I cant offer much advice except to get a new avatar shot- your hair looks unkept and unmanageable  and you have a vacuous expression.

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You're beautiful, and have a lovely figure, but your port is rather boring.....and you've got an uncomfortable expression or posture in almost all of your images. 

Get a couple of killer outfits together, find a neat location to shoot in, be willing to drive, do your own makeup, or hire a MUA, and then contact photographers you want to shoot with and pitch them your idea (TF).  Before any shoot, practice your expressions and poses in front of the mirror, and find your best angles in the outfits you'll be using.

Replying to castings is a very indirect way to try and get photographers to work with you.  Since what you're doing isn't working, try being more direct.  Send pm's, and I think you'll have a lot more luck.  If you do some TF and build a better port, then you should also start booking more paid work.

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