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- Aina -

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A fancy phrase for saying I feel entitled to letting you all know that I'm going to bed. I'm gonna crawl between the sheets and briefly ponder how long it will take me to go to sleep before I knock out minutes later.

P.S. I found that I hate litterbugs. Not like, "Oh, I'm lazy and dropped a thread or small piece of trash," though that bothers me too. Like "I decided to go out to eat with five other people, and we just left our trash underneath our car at the drive in, drove away, and laugh as Amanda glares at it with such distaste. Fucker."

Yes... Grandiose senses of entitlement.

Good night.
Don't litter.

Feb 02 13 12:01 am Link


Marc Damon

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You didn't let me tuck you in and kiss you goodnight.
I am sooooo disappointed. sad


Feb 02 13 07:16 am Link