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Fox and Owl Studio

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Asheville, North Carolina, US

I have neglected my port on MM far too long and have recently uploaded a few new ones. But I think it may be repetitive and blah.

Please lend some feedback the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm looking for honest and helpful advise.

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Decay of Memory

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Asheville, North Carolina, US

I think you've a creative and intimate style, nice variation on the crops, lens choices and processing. It's well suited to the lifestyle and portrait work that you're doing and should also work well with the boudoir work that you would like to do more of.

It's really attractive work.

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Guss W

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Clearwater, Florida, US

I viewed your portfolio here and your website.  I enjoyed your natural, casual style.

I like natural light, but sometimes Mother Nature fails to provide us with the best of light.  The eyes are important in a portrait, and you've lost the light in the eye on a lot of your natural-light images.  Sometimes the natural light needs a little assistance.  Maybe you could get more into the "strobist" mode, or maybe you could get an assistant to hold a reflector, but the light needs to be balanced out.  Another possibility is to set the camera to take a rapid string of exposures and let Photoshop align them and you can selectively blend the best exposures from different details.

Thinking of Photoshop - That picture of the couple dancing in the field would be improved if you removed the power lines in the background.

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David Kirk

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I really like the simple honest approach to your photography.

This one is great:

In comparison to the one above, this one seems weaker - not sure what it is, perhaps the more direct lighting and cramped composition, but it seems less natural, more contrived.

The tones in this B&W make it a very compelling shot and I like the very natural feel of it.  Wonderful freckles!

I generally don't care for extreme angle shots and this is no exception.

I find the smoke rings distracting in this image, but otherwise quite like it.

This seems like a very strange crop and it doesn't work for me.  She's got great eyes, but I am drawn to the bottom of the frame to her mouth to see her complete expression and it's cropped off.

I love the mood of this one!

I hope that's helpful.

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