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YRG Studios

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Villa Rica, Georgia, US

Question new and in need of models. How do I get models to work with?  I know there are tons of people that have had horror stories and hate dealing with some pervert who bought a camera and wants pretty girls to take pictures.

  So how do I not being that guy but only have a few pictures of myself or my wife get started?  I have been taking photographs for families and weddings and such for some time now and have some very nice photographs but can't really share or market these or even show off my skills. 

So I spent the time and money and built a very nice home studio invested in strobes and such. But still can't find models to work with? 

Any tips or help would be appreciated



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sgnr photo

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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I think a lot of people will say just be honest.

Message local models and ask if they are open to TF shoots. Be honest about being new to the scene and that you are looking to build your portfolio. Someone will eventually say yes.

Lather, rinse, repeat until you've gotten a few shoots under your belt.

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Marin Photography NYC

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Create a casting call for your local area. Browse for newbies in your zip and offer TF shoots. Include that your wife will assist and that would put some models at ease.

The best way is two hire two or three models in your area and this way others have someone to reference for future shoots.


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Jim McSmith

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Put your camera and long lens around your neck and approach women in the street. Avoid the feminist types for the sake of safety.

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Have you posted casting calls here?  You may get a few flakes who won't show up but some will and that will be a start.

Offer a nominal fee for a shoot, say $50, you invested in equipment you may also need to invest in models to start your portfolio off.

Network, network, network, ask friends, family, coworkers to pose, join a local meetup group or camera clubs who might shoot models.

Nothing succeeds like success, once you have a few decent images then you will find you will have more models contacting you for shoots, but you will have to work and possibly pay to reach that point.

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