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I get too enamored of the latest technique I've learned.  I am too close and I love them all, and so I can't see clearly.  Help me see the forest instead of the trees.

Here are three versions of the same image.   I'd love you to tell me if they really work or if the post processing detracts from the image.

Thank you all.

Version A

Version C

Version D

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I would go somewhere between a and b... the first one looks overdone but the middle one looks bland. Just green up the shadows a little bit and maybe a high radius unsharp mask (aka Clarity) to give it a kick?

Great shot, awesome looking guy.

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Warren Leimbach

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Tampa, Florida, US

Thank you!

(Scurries off to research high radius unsharp mask....)

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I like version C the most but needs a bit more work (seems like preset or something) and usually men atheletes images should have some grit  to it.

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