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Rays Fine Art

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Has anybody ever used double sided tape to hold fabric in place on a model?  For example draping a model something like … tS-SP2aNYW where a simple tieing or pinning would produce too harsh a line.

Toupee tape should do the same thing but I suspect that the stuff I'd get in Home Depot would be cheaper and probably hold better.  I'd be a bit worried about not having FDA approval, though.

Any thoughts?

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Yves Duchamp- Homme

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If it's not specifically for fabric (and skin), then I'd be afraid that it would harm the fabric (or the model's skin.)

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Lela Jesse

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Places like Victoria's Secret make a double-sided tape, meant for holding clothes in place. It doesn't work fantastically, but it does work, and is safe for skin.

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Body Painter

Lisa Berczel

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Do NOT use craft tape in place of Toupe or Wardrobe tape - unless you can be POSITIVE that the adhesives are IDENTICAL (and that's not going to happen).

The adhesives.... oh, how many models react to tape? Quite a few.

I turned several model's skin red from "how bad can it be?" clear and blue painter's tape before I learned better. Fortunately, I didn't damage the model in the process - and they still speak to me.

I use wardrobe tape and medical grade paper tape all the time to hold plenty of things in place for body painting.

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Makeup Artist


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Try silicone tape from like Frends or Nigel's.  works even better

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Makeup Artist


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Go to Manhattan Wardrobe Supply, there is a plethora of different sizes of wardrobe tapes. I'm sure you will find something you can use that won't destroy the wardrobe or harm the model.

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Danielle Blazer

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Agreeing with the above. Please use tape intended for skin on skin.

Topstick toupee tape and Hollywood Fashion Tape are my top picks, I've always got one or the other in my kit.

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